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Tests for:
Collection types:
Genital sample kit
Blood card
  • Every kit comes with...
    Every kit comes with...
  • Blood spot card
    Blood spot card
  • Collection tube
    Collection tube
  • Biohazard bag
    Biohazard bag
  • Prepaid shipping bag
    Prepaid shipping bag
  • Genital sample kit
    Genital sample kit
  • Genital sample kit
    Genital sample kit
  • Genital sample kit
    Genital sample kit
Every kit comes with...Blood spot cardCollection tubeBiohazard bagPrepaid shipping bagGenital sample kitGenital sample kitGenital sample kit

What should I expect?

Receive Your Kit

A licensed clinician will review, and if appropriate, approve your order. We'll send everything you need to collect your samples to your home.

Collect Your Samples

Collect your samples and send them to the lab in a prepaid shipping bag.

Get Results

Your sample will be processed by our CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited laboratories and our licensed clinicians will review your results and recommend medically guided treatment options.

What are these STIs anyway?

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Did you know...

While there are ways to reduce your risk, no method is 100% effective at stopping transmission of STIs. Even if you’ve been treated for an STI in the past, it’s possible to get some of these infections more than once, so it’s important to continue to test regularly!


If you’re experiencing symptoms, we always recommend you seek in-person medical care and not rely on an at home test. If you’ve been exposed to someone with an STI, it’s important to seek in-person medical care right away. At home tests are not appropriate in this case.

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